Our Story

Hi! My name is Olga and I am from Ukraine. I am an international student in Canada, but my family is back home in Ukraine. On February 23rd at 10 PM EST, I received a call from my parents and I heard the first explosion after Russia invaded Ukraine. Even though there was a war with our enemy for 8 years, we will never forget and forgive this invasion. Russia came to take OUR land and destroy our culture. They are killing innocent civilians and our army for no reason. They are destroying our history and all of what has taken us many years to build. And, most importantly, they came to take our freedom. Everything communicated by the Russian government is a lie. The Ukrainian people did not ask for help from them and it is not true that we were killing each other and had a civil war for 8 years among Ukrainian people. We are big-hearted and strong people who love and take pride in our history, culture and country. We are not going to give up and we are thankful that our president did not betray and has held his head up high during this challenging time. For our big love to Ukraine, we are ready to fight until the end. Our heroes are protecting us from death and our land; They have sacrificed themselves and are doing everything possible for Ukraine to have a peaceful sky above our head possible.
I am not in Ukraine at this time because I am studying in Canada; however, I cannot sit and look at how my family is living in fear and how our heroes are dying while they are protecting our freedom. I know my hands are tied and I cannot do a lot, but I decided to create this fundraiser to help our army and people who are struggling in my home country. I created different t-shirts and hoodies with drawings (all designed by me) which are connected to Ukraine. I would like to ask everyone to help as much as they can in such a tough time for my country. 100% of the profits will be donated to Unicef Ukraine, Red Cross Ukraine and directly to our Army. If you would like to make a donation without making a purchase, that is also possible.
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